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Anthony Contini was born in Northeast Ohio in 1990.  

Anthony graduated in Fine Art from the University of Mount Union in Alliance, Ohio. While studying he worked in the University's  gallery. Meeting and hanging over 30 different Artist shows. 

After completing his studies in 2013 he began networking with other artist at Mr. McGillicutty Art Studios. 

In 2017, after finding a SX-70 Polaroid camera. Anthony was drawn the allure and magic the instant camera gave his photos. This inspired him to revisit his past artworks. 

In recent works, he has been using a gesso relief process in his mixed media. Pulling images from 80's & 90's American Pulp culture to express emotion and stories through his art. 

In his artworks, Anthony combines different types of media like oil, acrylic, auto spray paints combined with charcoal, chalk, ink magazines and circuit boards. 

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